Cesar, Japan need you!

Image from Cesar's Way

When I was a child we had our dog tied on a chain and they lived in the garden.
A common dog house was like the one Snoopy sleeps on the roof.
They ate our leftovers and lived quite a long life.
The only medical care was antifilarial tablet.
Shampooed 2 to 3 times a year in the garden with cold water.
No hair dryer only sun drying.
We loved her and she was my best friend. I still miss her.

But now my dogs lives in the house without leash.
They have their own beds.
Eat dog foods, no human foods are allowed but occasionally enjoys some without asking!
Medical care, if I wanted they can be on so many dog supplements and have their blood tested whenever I want.
Medical care and old aged care is as good as human and cost more than human.
More dogs live longer but many are under medical care.
Shampooed monthly in a self wash room with huge dryer and their anal gland is squeezed monthly.
I love them as dog, have three dogs now.

Some hotels are allowing dogs in but not kids under 12.

So dogs life in Japan have improved tremendously!!
But for me many people are just humanizing dogs.
What we need is respect dogs habit and stop treating them like kids.

Japan has more dogs than kids under 12 years old.

May be we should start training dogs and give them a job.
Decline in working generation can be covered by dogs!
They can work at post office as a delivery staff.
Have German shepherd patrolling the city instead of police cars.
We only need human to clear their mess in the dog toilet.
And lets spark all lights with thir dog poo. Joke!

I’m starting to miss the point now.
I just wanted to say that we need someone like Cesar Millan to educate people about dog psychology!

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